I find it (Thursday) at practice

That is as arrogant, and offensive, and demeaning as I can imagine in this time that we’re living, » the senator said.A handful of Bernie Sanders’ supporters and African American celebrities were quick to dunk on Biden for apparently assuming he had the black vote sealed. »Aye bruh, » rapper P Diddy tweeted at Biden. « I already told you the BlackVoteAintFree »But other Democrats and prominent media figures weighed in delicately, with some brushing off the moment as unlikely to sway voters. His argument was retweeted by Charlamagne.

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There was probably a reason for that. That a really talented football team. We know that.. « On our Facebook page we asked, is there any [precautions] you want to see when we’re able to open, » Eastty said. « The majority of people were like, just open. People are ready to get out and I think if we take those proper precautions, people will be more inclined to go out. ».

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