The source of this corundum remains undiscovered

On the shortest day and therefore longest night of the year, Pete, Carl, Gary and John braved the gales and made the trip to once again take to the stage of The Winter Gardens in Margate. All four looked like they were happy and healthy with Pete sporting a new shorter haircut and embracing his ever greyer ‘highlights’. Before the headliners took to the stage we had a surprise slot from Pynch, a band fronted by former Winter Gardens pot wash Spencer Enock and another from a rejuvenated Towers of London.

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The novel is subtly written, and you will find Orual a persuasive advocate. I must confess I have read this novel and reread it many times. It is a personal favorite. See what happens. But we have to get back. We have to get back, remember that. If you’re on a break, you’re on a break. That means that you’re not obligated to lock yourself up in a tower like a Disney princess waiting for your prince charming and by now you probably want to knock him down a few pegs anyway. Nothing will get his attention faster or more effectively than by simply living your life.

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Launched in 1958, the Edmund Fitzgerald was a cargo freighter. At 729 feet, she was the largest vessel ever to sail on the great lakes and for seventeen years, that’s what she did. On the night of her disappearance, the Big Fitz was fully loaded with a cargo of taconite pellets bound for a steel mill in Michigan.

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